I know what I want to do

When I first heard of Starfinder in May of 2017, I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to write content for the new Science Fantasy rpg from Paizo. At the time, all that I knew was that the setting was Science Fiction based. Being called ‘Starfinder’, and coming from Paizo, meant that the system would probably mix technology and magic, just like my previous favorite system, Shadowrun. When the free preview, First Contact, was released for Free RPG Day in June of 2017, I went to our friendly local game store and picked up a copy. Sadly, it was not a module like I hoped, but instead it was a preview of creatures and races.

When August 17, 2017 came around,  the release date of the Starfinder Core Rulebook, I immediately purchased the PDF from Paizo. I turned the pages, enjoying every minute as I read how they transformed their fantasy world into a science fiction universe. Four-armed Kasatha, telepathic lashunta, and the honorable scaly vesk were some of the central races that would go through a universe of adventure, centered around the Station at the center of the universe, Absalom Station.

I want to write in the Starfinder Universe. I will start with working on my own third party products – Paizo supports that, and I will use that support. I will use this blog to describe my adventures in writing.

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